Who we are:  In a business as dynamic as real estate, the market and our projects inevitably change and evolve over time. Through all the trends and changes, our core company values have always kept us on the right track.

Customer Service:  Our reputation is built on outstanding customer satisfaction—the number of repeat customers we have seen over the years is a true measure of success. For example… Ever gotten the dreaded alarm company call while you’re out of town? Maybe a baseball through the kitchen window on Thanksgiving? Your teenager backs the SUV into the garage door? (OOPS!) We know there’s never a good time for something to go wrong—and no matter what, we’ll always be there to fix it.

Quality:  When you choose to build with Rosewood, the first thing you’ll notice is our commitment to quality. Regardless of the neighborhood or price range, we hold ourselves accountable for building the highest quality, longest lasting homes on the market.

Attention to Lifestyle Detail: No matter what, we always find a way to make our work unique. On paper, our homes may look the same as any other; but when you walk in to a Rosewood home, you’ll feel how small features can make a world of difference. Things like a second dishwasher;  a pot filler over the Wolf range; or even an installed Miele coffee machine in the master bath—the little things are what make life better with Rosewood. In our experience, the attention to our clients lifestyles are what take a nice house to an outstanding home.

Family first: At Rosewood, we’re all about family. We’ve been family owned and operated for over thirty years, and we always construct our homes with living in mind—not just looks. When you walk in a Rosewood home, you’ll notice features like gathering-style kitchens, custom craft rooms with built-in work areas, even his/hers closets (we all know mama needs to be happy)—anything to make a home the best place for a family.

What we do:

Build to suit: We’ve been customizing homes from the ground up since the day we started—far and above what we do the most and the best.  From concept to completion, we enjoy working closely with new homeowners every step of the way to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

Spec Homes: We try to have at least one spec home in progress at any given time, and they typically sell faster than we can build (the best problem a builder can have). Visit our properties page for a look at what’s available, or just give us a call.

Remodels/Additions:  From new countertops to a new kitchen, or even adding a full second story, a little updating always makes a big difference.  Whether you’re knocking out walls, installing new windows, or even building a pool, Rosewood can advise on updates and oversee construction from start to finish.

Our Partners: At Rosewood, we look for two key elements in our suppliers and subcontractors: quality and efficiency. When we bring in the highest quality materials at the best possible price, we know we’re doing work our homeowners will love. Rosewood Custom Builders extends our many thanks to each of our valued partners, both old and new.